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If you are invited to contribute to the wiki then you will be sent an email and password. If you feel that you want something added then please email your line manager and they can arrange for this.

To Add to the wiki, Login with the credentials you were given and you will land on a page that looks a little bit like this:

You want to go to one of the arrows and select Add new article (not post or page – these have no function in the wiki). The Wiki is on a WordPress site and the plugin we use is help press. There is some help here on how to use it.

To add an article click “add article” and you will be taken to a page a bit like this:

Please make sure you will out all of the sections highlighted in red.

You can edit articles, change their category, add categories and rearrange in the Helpress menu to the left of the page, circled in red.

If you want to Edit the Wiki then login and then go to page you want to edit and then click on the “Edit Article” button at the top of the page


You can then edit the article and save it again as per the instructions above.

Any issues then please contact your line manager

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