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If you require support for the computers please go first to your manager who may then escalate this to the remote support team. Support is handled in house at present.

  1. In House Support

If you require support with PCS then please do this through the support tab on the website as support is part of the package that WCN Care subscribe to.

All work computers (apart from Chromebook’s) use Splashtop Remote Desktop for support. This should load automatically when remote support is required. The computer will need to be on and you will need to be logged in.

If this does not work, then you may be asked to either restart your computer or search for “Splashtop” to load it in certain circumstances.

Cromebook’s have remote Chrome Desktop installed. You will need to go to the Support shortcut on Chrome. Alternatively go to

This will load up a window much like the one in the image above. If you click on Get Support this should show a code which you can give to the remote support team to login.

2. Remote Support

Any further issues then please contact your manager or

We do have access to a company that provides remote support called Glitch that are based in Bournemouth. They are expensive, we have never had to use them before and so should only be used as a last resort and require manager sign off.

Glitch Services
01202 237996

NB. From Andy at Glitch: We do indeed offer ad hoc IT support. Our rate is £80 per hour for ad hoc IT support, charged in half-hour blocks for remote desktop / phone support, and full-hour blocks for on-premises support (note we do not charge a call-out fee). Our managed IT support subscription works out at £60 per hour and is cost-effective if you require more than four hours of IT support per month. All prices are subject to VAT.

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