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All leave is managed through


Go to either directly to the website or through the app.
If in the app then you need to click on the link to access the desktop site:

When you are at the desktop site you can do a number of things including viewing leave balance and booking leave.

Viewing Leave Balance

To view your leave balance then you should hover over the “Time off” button at the top of the rota and select “Report”

This brings up a leave balance screen which shows you:

  1. Your Name
  2. The Yearly allowance if you had worked a full year year of work
  3. Your Allowance which is calculated from your start/end dates
  4. Instances and days which have been taken
  5. Deducted hours from your leave balance
  6. Remaining allowance
  7. Paid hours should be the same as those deducted

Requesting Time Off

You apply for leave in the same screen by hovering over “Time off” and selecting “Request time off”

Select the dates that you want off and then Request holiday. Please note that as per the contractual terms all leave needs to be booked in this way, you should book 6 weeks in advance and leave over 2 weeks needs manager approval.

Any issues then please discuss with your manager