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All team members who work at different sites should be put across sites on Findmyshift.
Hours should only be recorded at the site they are working.
All HR information should remain on their base site record including all leave.  
This can be done by doing the following:
  1. Enrol onto their base site
  2. Use exactly the same staff names and email addresses and enrol on the other site (they should be identical so the system can link them together.)
  3. Ask the staff member to log our of FMS, if they are already logged in, and then reset their password via the reset password link button.
  4. They can reset their password to whatever they want (it can be the same password) as this just links the accounts.
  5. They should then log back in
  6. They will be able to see both teams when they log back in. 
When they go to clock in/out they will be prompted which site they want to do this at. 
Please go to the page and contact the help team if problems continue. 

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