Setting up a new PCS handheld device

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All devices are running the latest software and have a program called Surelock installed that locks the phone to a single app so that if they are stolen then they can be locked down. The aim on receiving the device is to:

  1. Connect it to the homes wifi
  2. Start up the secure software (Surelock) so that it only allows the PCS app to load

In order to achieve this please work through the following steps exactly?

  1. Power up the device
  2. Click on settings
  3. Click on Connections
  4. Click on wifi
  5. Click on the homes wifi network and enter the password
  6. Check that it has successfully connected to the wifi
  7. If not then run through the above steps again

In order to load the secure software click on the app called Surelock.
This will automatically load the software and lock it to the correct App.

For trouble shooting the device after it has been locked to the app please speak to the manager who may need to contact