Recording LFD and PCR Tests

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From Saturday 16th January 2021 the government have updated their guidance to inform Care Homes that it is now LAW to record ALL LFD tests (whether positive, indeterminate/void, or negative) that are completed for staff, visitors, families, agency workers. Therefore we ask that ALL tests are registered to the homes email addresses at or so that they can be reviewed and reported by the management team.

Please follow this step by step guide on how to register a LFD test result. 

Step 1: Go to this link to a search bar . It will then take you to this page 

Step 2: Click ‘Start’

Step 3: Click ‘I am at a care home’ 

Step 4: At this stage you need to enter the Location ID number.
St Anne’s is: 10070621
Stour’s is: 10118750

Step 5: You need to click ‘England’

Step 6: Click ‘Today’ 

Step 7: Enter the test kit number 

Step 8: Enter your date of birth 

Step 9: Click what ‘sex’ you are 

Step 10: Click what ethnic group you are 

Step 11: Enter address

Step 12: Choose between two options depending if you know your NHS number or not

Step 13: Enter email address (please use the or address so that the management team can review and plan for any positive results)

Step 14: Enter mobile number 

Step 15: Check answers 

Step 16: Then submit 

Please then complete the LFD & PCR record of tests form 

When you register your LFD you will receive an email like below. Please ensure that this is forwarded to your manager at either or

If you have any concerns or issues then please speak to the manager