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We use the same fonts, colours and branding across WCN Care.
The company branded documents lie not the shared folder under Branding > Templates.
Each home has a separate branded letter head, headed paper and policy template.
It is important that we all use the branded paper as it contains the correct fonts that we should be using across the organisation

If there is text from another document you wish to use, then please open up the blank document template found in the Templates folder, which has the correct typeface already preloaded onto it.

The example here is of incorrect document selection and incorrect branding:

To make this correct you:

  • Open the document above with incorrect branding
  • You then open a separate document from the Templates folder > Blank document with preloaded fonts_1910.doxt
  • This opens up a blank document which you will see has the correct branding on it:

  • Then you cut and paste the information you want into this document with correct branding
  • When asked, chose to Match Destination Formatting:

  • This should, but may not always, change the text to the appropriate format.

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