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We use Zoho as our mail and calendar provider.


You will need to make your own personal calendar available to your organisation, along with subscribing to both individual (ie lizzie.hart@wcncare.com) and organisational calendars (ie stannes@wcncare.com)

Making your own calendar available to the organisation

  • Go to https://mail.zoho.com/
  • Click on the settings button on the right ⚙️
  • Then click on the calendar settings and click on the calendars box

  • Click on share next to your name and then “share this calendar with your organisation”. Make sure you select the Permission: View Event Details.

  • Then please let the team know that you have shared you calendar and for them to subscribe to it.
To subscribe to the organisational calendars
  • this is a little clunky
  • On the settings screen go to the calendar settings again and click on the subscribe box

  • This brings up a screen where you enter the email of the person you want to subscribe to contacts calendar. Enter their email. Click on the subscribe button underneath. This brings up a screen. Click on Org and then their calendar should appear. Click on the subscribe button.

  • If they haven’t correctly shared their calendar then you can click on the “request them to share button”.
Group Calendars
  • On the same settings screen at the bottom of the page is an option to subscribe to Group calendars

  • Select the calendar you want to subscribe to and hit subscribe.
Any problems then please ask your line manager for help.

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