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WCN Care uses Synology to store sensitive information. Your company computer or laptop will have Synology loaded on this and it is imperative that it is syncing your data to avoid data loss. As per our dat protection policy, not patient identifiable or company sensitive information should be stored on a public sharing platform (ie dropbox etc).

The symbol for Synology Cloud Station is like the one above. This should be in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen and if you click on it, it will open up a window. Alternatively type Synology into the search bar at the bottom left and open the program Synology cloud drive that way.

To check if it is syncing it should should show a tick, like the image above, or a blue syncing icon. If it shows the image below, a pause icon, then this means that it is not syncing.

To rectify it you need to hit the resume button, as shown above, and wait for it to either show the syncing or tick icon.

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