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You can subscribe to the Maintenance calendars from the St Anne’s and Stour Road Trello boards.
This is particularly helpful as Jas has started adding the dates of suppliers coming to do work in the homes, thanks and well done Jas.

To do this:
1. Go to your settings page on zoho mail
2. Hover over the calendar tab and select “subscribe”
3. Cut and paste one at a time the following calendar links and hit subscribe
St Annes
Stour Road
4. You can also see them from ical and other calendars if you are using that software by subscribing to the above links.

You can sync other calendars by going to the Trello board, clicking on Calendar and then the settings symbol, and activating and then copying the icalendar link. You then follow the same steps as above. These calendars will appear in your Zoho calendars feed.

I hope that helps

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