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When a new staff member joins the team there are a number of places that their individual data needs to be stored. These are:

  1. Paperwork stored in their personnel file on the shared server
  2. Information uploaded to FMS
  3. Information forwarded to payroll for upload onto the Payroll system
  4. Email and name uploaded to our communications system,

Each one of these needs to be done when they join the organisation and when any changes occur.

Personnel file

Please create their own personnel folder (ie Blogs, Jo) and then upload all paperwork to they personnel file stored on the shared server of the home. Each file should have the following file structure:

A draft of this file structure is saved in the current staff file as:

You can copy and paste this empty file structure to their personnel folder to use.

Information Uploaded to FMS

All information should be uploaded to FMS. The individual should only appear on FMS once and not duplicated across sites. The information required includes all the personal details in the notes section including their contracted hours and their start date (this is the date the first work not the date of interview).

Adding a staff member

If you hover over the staff menu item, it comes up with an option to add a staff member. Click “add staff” and then input the information. Make sure it is in the right location.


Any adjustment to breaks, enhancements or hourly rates has the potential to have a huge impact on the staff pay, moral, company finance and reputation.

At present you only need to modify breaks for Cooks at Stour Road. The remaining Stour Staff have breaks set in the general settings which should not be modified:

For cooks you should make sure that in their individual break settings they have the following settings:

Any easy way of doing this is to select a current cook, go to their individual break settings, click the options tab and then hit “copy break rules”. Then go back to the new cook, click on their individual break settings, and click “paste break rules”. Save your changes.

Pay Enhancements (called exceptions in FMS)

As with breaks, any change to pay exceptions can have a huge effect on the take home in employees, cash flow and damage to your own or the companies reputation. We therefore need to get it right. FMS requires to have a specific list of exceptions in a specific order in order to calculate enhanced rates out of hours.

When onboarding a new staff member please make sure that they have exactly the same pay exceptions as their fellow team members. This varies slightly for the nursing, care, domestic and cooking teams, so it is important that you copy and paste the exceptions from someone in a similar team.

The easiest way to do this is to find an old team member in the same team as them (ie HCA) and then click on the pay & time off, exceptions link. This brings up the exceptions which you can cut and paste, much like the break rules.

HCA exception rules

Information forwarded to payroll for upload onto the Payroll system

The companies payroll runs on Xero. Certain information is required to include individuals in the pay run, which is generallyon the 25th of each month. This includes:

  • Personal information such as name, address, DOB
  • Payroll information such as hourly rate, enhancements, contracted hours
  • Tax information such as NI number, P45 or new starter form
  • Bank account details for payment

Without these we cannot add them to the pay run and pay them. This information needs to be:

  • Saved in their personnel file
  • A list item added to Trello to state their name and that the information is available (please do not put this as a comment as it will be missed)

The person running payroll will then and then add the information, query anything that needs adding, and when complete mark it on Trello as being complete.


The final place that information needs to be uploaded is You will have access to this, and if not then please contact your line manager. After logging into Mailchimp click on audience at the top, and then on “Manage audience” on the right side of the screen. Click “Add a subscriber”:

Please see the video below that outlines what to do. It is important that each staff member has a clear tag for St Annes Staff or Stour Road Staff, and that each family member has the tag St Annes Family or Stour Road Family. This allows them to be selected when we send out emails.


Whenever a change occurs to someones contractural terms or contact details, this needs to be reflected across these systems.


This information should be confirmed on Trello so that it can be traced and audited.


Any issues should be directed to your line manager in the first instance, and then to IT support if need be.

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