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This article is to help quite you thorough setting up a video call with relatives and their families.

Each site has a dedicated tablet to use for video calling. Both Zoom and Skype have been preloaded onto these devices. Login details for the accounts should be with the shift leader and accounts are associated with or

The relatives will have been directed to this article on contacting their loved ones.

We are using Zoom and Skype for calls. Zoom does not require a login, whilst Skype does. Therefore preferentially point residents families to Zoom.

Voice calls are via the home phone and need to be restricted to 15 minutes.

Setting Up a Call Time

  • Discuss the requirements of a video or voice call with the residents on their families.
  • A phone, tablet of computer with video capabilities and the ability to download Zoom or Skype is required.
  • Signpost them to the help sheet to download either app:
  • You will need to arrange a date and time for the call and tell them that they will receive the call from us
  • Take a phone number, email address and Skype contact if using Skype, in case you have difficulties in contacting them
  • If using Zoom then login into Zoom (login details this should be available from the shift leader or Marion) and schedule a meeting with the residents loved ones on the correct date and time. Share these details with the residents loved ones.

On the Day of the Call

  • Login into the tablet using the login details for each home (this should be available from the shift leader or Marion)
  • Open the chosen software and dial the residents loved ones

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