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The relatives gateway should be going live very soon, the gateway has two functions: 

Function one allows relatives to – 

  • Send messages
  • Receive messages
  • View happiness chart
  • View recent profile photos
  • View recent shared photos

Function two allows the same as function one with the addition of – 

  • View care story (all recent care and handover information)
  • Electronically view, sign and authorise care plans
  • Comment on care provided

PCS will create a unique ID for relatives which they must be provided with before they can begin to use the gateway. These should be sent over shortly as I have returned authorisation to PCS. 

Once we have received the unique ID’s we must: Choose a resident, add family members details including email address (these should already be in place) and click ‘save’. These relatives will automatically be able to view residents profile picture and happiness charts. 

The additional features of function two are not accessible until we select ‘Relatives gateway shows care notes’ by ticking the box on the residents profile. 

There is a user guide available if you would like more information. https://pcspublicfiles.blob.core.windows.net/manuals/Relatives%20Gateway%20Guide.pdf

There is also a users guide for families. 

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