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Adding a Staff Member

To add a new staff member as an administrator, click “Staff” > “Add staff” and enter the new staff members details in the fields provided.

Once added, a welcome message with a log in link will be queued in the Outbox. Messages queued in the Outbox are not sent until they are approved by a manager, unless set to automatically email staff (“Settings” > “Notifications”), in which case the email will be sent automatically after the amount of time specified (in minutes).

Please be sure to use their correct email and not one provided by indeed which will include the name indeed in the email address.

Please add all the information under the custom tab (Hours, NI, Address)

Breaks and Bank Holidays

Breaks are already programmed in automatically to the settings. Please do not alter these as this will affect the whole team.

Bank holidays are also automatically at the yearend by an administrator to the global settings. Please do not alter these unless asked. 

Adding weekend and night enhancements (Exceptions)

These are called exceptions by FMS. You will need to add these settings to the new staff member. The easiest way to do this is to copy and paste from another similar staff member (ie a chef then copy and paste from a chef). Click on another staff members name > pay & time off.

Click on Exceptions > Options > Copy rates.

Then close the window by clicking the cross button at the top right twice to get back to the home screen. 

Click on the staff members name that you added > pay & time off > Exceptions > Options > Paste rates. Then click save changes. They should look like this:

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