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Our checklists are built using Fastfield forms. You can log into their website via and the login is available from your manager.

We suggest that you look through the videos on their help site before setting up your first forms The Getting Started section is super helpful.


There is a managerial login for viewing and creating audits. This is different to the generic staff logins linked to the stannes and stourroad email addresses which only allow data entry. These 2 logins should be used on the tablets, whilst the management one should be used on a computer or management tablet.

WCN Care Audits

There are a few important things that are specific to the WCN Care Audits listed below:


First of all, each audit has 2 pages as shown in the image below. There is a staff data entry page, and a manager page. It is important that you create 2 pages so that when the audit has been completed, it can be sent for review and managerial sign off. If you are a manager completing this audit, you may want to sign off the managers page at the same time.

The easiest way to make sure that you have the correct pages is to duplicate a form if you are creating a new one. Do this on the Forms page by clicking Action >. Duplicate

Naming your Form correctly

Forms require something called a display mask in order for them to be easily identifiable when downloaded. More information here on display masks:

In this example we make sure that the Nutritional Audit has the correct saved name:

Form Content

Enter form content by clicking on form content in the left hand row, and then it appears in the form. Hit the pencil icon next to the new item in order to add text.


Delivery describes what happens to your audit when a team member submits it. The current workflow at WCN Care is that the form will be sent to a manager attached to an email as a editable PDF. This will then be reviewed and saved where required in the shared folder.

Therefore you need to program who the form is going to. In this example we will send it to the manager. Have a look at this video that describes what to do:

Remember the following:
– Create 2 email alerts, one for each home
– Make sure you select the email alert for the home in the alert dropdown, alongside making the title of the email for the same home.
– Make sure you are sending an editable Word Documents by ticking the boxes. Editable PDF’s do not have enough room for Manager comments.

You may want the audits to go to someone else, say the catering manager or similar. If so then you can put down their email address.


There are 2 different views, one is the new Portal and one is the Legacy Portal. It doesn’t mater which one you use, however, you can view all incomplete audits on the New Portal if it is set up correctly.

On the new portal you can add any new Audit data to the dashboard and set up a filter so that it automatically shows you incomplete audits.

There are a number of different dashboards which you can explore and edit to your hearts content.

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