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To add a staff member, you will need certain access rights. if you can’t see the “Add new worker” button you will need to speak to your manager about access rights.

If you can see this button in your staff community when you click onto it you will need to fill in some basic details about your new staff member. Every member of staff needs a unique email, but it does not have to be real. Upon clicking save don’t forget to press the “Create User” button on the next page which will let you set them up with a password, and give enhanced access rights.



Senior Carers and Nurses (you can add the Manage Staff and Run Reports if they need to add or remove staff):

Administrators (without the need to care plan). You can add the above senior carer permissions if they also care plan:

Adding a staff member with responsibilities

Managers should be added across sites as outlined in the “moving a staff member across or to a new home and onboarding managers across homes” section below.

To add a staff member with responsibilities you will first need to have access to the admin button located at the top of the screen. If you can see the admin button you will need to click it and select organisation details from the drop down. Once select scroll down to communities and go to the home of which the staff member is responsible for, from there click into the home and click add person and add the new managers there and save in the top right 

Management Permissions:

Permissions for CQC and BCP inspections

Permissions for CQC or inspectors with limited access:

Moving a Staff Member across or to a new home & Onboarding Managers across homes

You can easily do this by going to the staff members page, clicking on edit details just below their picture and then making sure both, or one or other of the sites is checked.

Managing Staff Access Rights

The following has further information on managing staff access rights.

Closing a Staff member

To close a staff member from your main screen, if you click into them and then the Edit Details button under their picture. From here there is a Close File button in the top right corner. Hit this and then save the file to close it. The staff member will disappear from the staff screen but is still searchable.

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