Oral Health – Smiling Matters

The CQC have released their latest report on Oral Health called ‘Smiling Matters’. We imagine this will be a big focus during upcoming inspections. We will be sharing best practice across both homes, ensuring we are all providing top quality oral health to our residents. In the mean time it would benefit all staff to familiarise yourselves with the report by clicking here.
It will be mandatory that all residents have a Oral Health care plan, separate to their personal care.

Training – Oral Health training is now also mandatory, this can be completed via staff’s e-LfH accounts online by searching ‘Oral Health (PWP)’ and selecting ‘Improving Mouth Care’. Once this has been completed, please ensure a copy of your certificate is shared with your manager.

Key points to remember: 
CHIN – Check, Help, Inform and Note

  • Check mouth for problems before carrying out mouth care, 
  • Help the individual if they are unable to clean their own teeth
  • Inform the manager of any concerns you have
  • Note any mouth care provided and any issues identified

Spit access toothpaste but DO NOT rinse as it reduces the effects of the fluoride. 
Brush teeth twice a day, the most importantly before bed. 
Those residents receiving food supplements should have more frequent mouth care and should drink through straws where possible. 
Residents receiving palliative care should also receive more frequent mouth care.